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I created Top Predator because I love combining fitness with archery.  I don't think I have ever taken a shot without having a high heart rate and I train to be able to control my heart rate to make a good shot in those situations.  Also to hunt in the west you need to be in great shape to get up and down the mountains hunting Elk, Mule Deer, etc..  So for me this is an important training method I use year round to prepare me for the seasons. 

I wanted to be able to test my fitness and my archery skill at the same time but there just really wasn't anything out there that would challenge me the way I wanted to be challenged. So I created this event for hunters like me that crave a physical challenge. 





Top Predator is a fitness archery challenge designed to test your physical ability and your archery skills.   Its a challenge to determine who is the toughest, most fit, and skilled archer out there.  Winner gets over $10,000 of gear and prizes donated by our sponsors.  


There are no divisions, no age groups, and men and women compete together.  Weights will be scaled for women to make this an even playing field.  For example; if the workout calls for kettlebell work, an example of weight for men may be 53lb and women be 35lb.  This is done to help ensure there are no advantages or disadvantages for men or women.  Women can you use mens weights if they choose but will not be an advantage in the scoring. It doesn't matter if you are 18yrs of age or 65, male or female, we all compete together to see who is the best.  At this time we do not have a separate division for tradition archers like the recurve or long bow. If you would like to use these for the competition you can but will be scored the same as a compound bow. 

The online qualifier will start on June 1st.  You have to be registered before then to compete in this competition.   You will have 15 days to complete 3 events and submit your score.  An email will be sent just prior to the qualifier with a video that will go over the standards and rules.  You will need to film your event for proof of standards, completion, and score.  Targets will be provided for you. In the email you will receive prior to the online qualifier you will get all the information you will need.  We will go over each of the events, the standards of each event, "Example: if there are squats in the event, a standard may be that you go below parallel for the squat to count."  shooting requirements, and scoring.  To film this event you may use your phone.  You will need to be able to capture the entire event and show the specific standards that are called upon and final score.  It must be one entire video, we will not except video that have been stopped and cut together. 

You must submit your filmed events by June 15th via email to the email address we provide for your scores to count.  Your video will be watched and judge to make sure you have completed the workouts within the guidelines.  You will receive an email by July 1st on whether or not you qualified for the Finals. 

The Finals will be an in person event held in Highlands Ranch CO.  Here you will also complete 3 events.  The events will be judged and scored in person.  The events will not be released until the day of the competition.  


The fittest, toughest, most skilled archer will take all.  We will announce 2nd and 3rd place but the winner will take the entire purse.  There will be goodie bags from our sponsors for every Finalist competitor but there is only one TOP PREDATOR!!

Standards that you should be able to perform for this competition:

- running   -squatting - running with a weighted ruck - pushups - burpees - deadlifts

- kettlebell swings - sprinting - shooting out to 100yrds - 5 mile run/ruck - weighted shoulder to overhead - pull ups - shooting while fatigued -  full draw holds 


- Just so you understand what types of events we may release.

100 burpees for time

* in 25 burpee increments you take a shot at 40yrds.  The shot must fall within the 8 ring to proceed to the next 25 burpees. If you miss you keep shooting until you make the shot.  At 50 burpee you do the same and 75 and 100.  The clock stops when the arrow after 100 burpees hits the target within the 8 ring. 

Max Weight - *you will need to find a gym that will allow you to shoot in it, or garage gym. 

*Within 7 minutes find you max back squat, deadlift, and bench press. After each exercise you need to put an arrow in the 10ring at 27 yrds to move onto the next exercise.  Score is total weight.  If you run out of time you score would be the total weight lifted to that point.

Enduro - 

* Ruck a 5k with a 60lb pack for men and a 40lb pack for women.  At the end of the 5k make a 70yrd shot within the 6 ring.  Score is total time. 


Thanks for submitting!